About us

In few words

Registered in the UK, based in Harrogate North Yorkshire since 2007, Easy United Ltd is the active invoicing and payment intermediary between a freelance artist and their clients.

Our activity is developed in 75 countries, 20 000 Freelances (make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists, graphic designers…) and 8 000 clients (advertising agencies, publishing conglomerates, big names of the cosmetic and textile industry), are relying on the service we provide.


In the face of ever growing demands from their customers, companies look increasingly for:

  • Competent, reliable and qualified external resources,
  • A cost efficient process,
  • A simple, effective and reliable frame of work,

With our great experience, we are the crucial link between companies and freelances.

The benefits

  • Releasing them from administrative constraints , leaving them totally focused on their artistic work.
  • Our multilingual team over 3 departments secures the complete processing of the invoicing requests :
    • FCA (processing requests – quote & bills),
    • Payments (customers / freelances)
    • Collection of arrears.
  • In compliance with EU regulation on all applicable matters.
  • The guarantee of the payment to the freelance on time
Our extensive and unchallenged knowledge of many years is our strength. Our commitment and application is complete. Satisfied clients and Freelances alike remain our best marketing tool.