Easy United is committed to four strong values.


You work with the same team member who knows your activity and speaks your language, in every sense of the term.


We oversee the status management of all your invoices. This means we also ensure consistent follow-ups with all your bookings, whether you’re a freelancer with many clients or a company working with numerous freelancers.


You can expect same day communication and payments.


We uphold legislation strictly. This guarantees your invoices meet international regulations.

You'll receive both qualitative and quantitative benefits when you partner with us.

For freelancers

  • An administrative and legal framework for quotes and invoicing
  • A trustworthy and dependable partner who keeps you updated
  • Centralising invoicing of all your clients, or all your professional activities
  • Same day payments from clients
  • Tracking and securing past due payments
  • Safeguarding your client relationship

For companies

  • A cost-efficient process
  • Competent, reliable and qualified external resources
  • Invoices in full compliance with legal regulations
  • Centralising invoicing for all the freelancers booked on a large mission
  • Guaranteed timely payments

The Art of billing

Tailored billing services for the talented